Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've always loved decorating, that includes for parties too. I just love it! It makes me so happy. I also absolutely love photography, so if anybody knows how I can get paid for all those things I would be the happiest person in the world. :)
Lately I've really gotten into decorating our new (smaller by like 1500 sq ft home). Yes, it's a lot. We have a ton of things in our garage that just won't fit into this house, but despite that I am the happiest. It's a home that fits least for now. Our neighborhood is awesome and we have a backyard that we enjoy. Decorating it has been a fun experience for me...or should I say us. I thank God my hubby loves the things that I love.In the recent weeks since being at the house I have purchased a couple of decorations...haven't gone completely crazy but home goods and target can easily put me over the edge.
Here's a look into our home:

This is in our dining room. My husband got the idea of the shelves (from Ikea) and I decorated it. We are so proud of it and when people visit it seems to really catch their eye.

Close up: we already had all these things. The photos were taken by yours truly when we lived in the Bay Area.

I just bought this wire basket and flower. I bought them both at home goods. As much as I love plants and flowers, my husband and I do not have a green fake flowers it is :)

This is on our entertainment console. I just recently bought the blue/green frame at home goods (for a pop of color), the gold bell (at target on clearance) and the candle holder at marshalls for $6.99!

As you can see I have more of an eclectic style: farm, contemporary, beach, and some traditional. I love the balance of how it all looks and the contrast between the light pieces and dark.

Until next time...God bless!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I have been a busy bee these past 2 weeks. It was my son's 3 birthday and we celebrated from Thursday to Monday! Normally just the thought of all that I was to do would exhaust me and worry me. I don't want to over do it and then get an exacerbation of some sort. I am very happy to say that although I did get tired, it wasn't like the "MS" tiredness I have gotten previous times and I thank God! Currently I'm not on any MS medication due to insurance issues previously and now that I have insurance it's just a matter of waiting for my doctors appointment to then get referred to a neurologist. I am lucky blessed though, because I work at a hospital that has one of the best MS specialist and I will definitely go to him. In the mean time I continue to take my multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, omega-3, and a fairly new one (about 2 months) wobenzym N. I was clued into wobenzym N by a friend of a friend who also has MS and started taking it and within one day (she said) started feeling significantly better. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same, but I have noticed a difference. My symptoms don't last as long and a pain that I had experienced previously, that had come back went away within a couple days of taking it. The previous time I had that pain, I went to my doctor and received shots to decrease the pain, pain pills, etc. This time it only last a couple days and then was gone :)
Wobenzym N is for, and I quote "healthy inflammation and joint support." All I can say is that so far so good. We will see what the MS specialist has to say about it once I see him. In the mean time, I eat well, sing, laugh, and basically enjoy my life.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Has it really been this long?!

I am really amazed that it has taken me this long to continue with this project. The main reason that it has taken me this long (and it's been very hard to come to grips with) is the fact that despite what scans, lab results and doctors have said...I guess I was hoping that if I ignored it, it would go away.
Yes...I am an adult who is a nurse as well who thought, in the back of her mind, that ignoring this serious illness would starve it to death and I would be healed! That would have been nice...very nice indeed. But nope, no such luck. It was difficult for me to understand that that is what I was doing on a subconscious level. Despite not liking the situation, I have come to terms with the cards I have been dealt with and I am trying my best to do all I can to help myself through it all. Not to say that I can do it all by myself. No...not at all. I have my wonderful God who has helped me through some of the toughest situations that I would have never thought I would have encountered. He has put awesome people in my path who have made my life better.
A lot has happened since 2009. One of the main events in my life is that I had a son, Eli, born June 2010. He will be 3 years old soon and is the light of my world. His smile melts away any stress I may be having.

He helps me not to think of the present, but of the future and how bright it will be. My husband, son and I recently moved back to our hometown, closer to our family and friends. It's amazing how a child can come and change everything. Eli is the reason we moved back to southern California and he is the reason we then moved even closer to our family and friends. Seeing him flourish is our goal and so far he is doing just that. :)
I will not try to update 4 years of my life on one post, I will do it slowly and maybe eventually I will be caught up.

God Bless