Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just wondering....

So a couple of months ago I sprained my left ankle and within a week or so it healed and stopped hurting. Last Wednesday it started to hurt again, I don't remember re-injuring it but here I am in pain. I went to work on Sunday sprained ankle and all and by the end of the day (my 12 hr day) I was in pain not only in my ankle but also my right hip (trochanter). I have had pain in my right trochanter earlier this year and was attributed to brusitis (probably due to the MS). By the end of the day I felt like I couldn't put pressure on my right leg either because of that pain. Ever since Sunday I've had pain to my ankle and today low and behold a new pain arose. My right knee is really hurting now, so much that when I put pressure on my right leg only, I feel like my knee might give way.
So my question is this: does anybody else have any kind of joint pains and has anybody found out if MS has anything to do with it?
I am really curious to find out. Please comment me back. I will start to research this and see what I find out.
God Bless everyone!!!!