Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've always loved decorating, that includes for parties too. I just love it! It makes me so happy. I also absolutely love photography, so if anybody knows how I can get paid for all those things I would be the happiest person in the world. :)
Lately I've really gotten into decorating our new (smaller by like 1500 sq ft home). Yes, it's a lot. We have a ton of things in our garage that just won't fit into this house, but despite that I am the happiest. It's a home that fits least for now. Our neighborhood is awesome and we have a backyard that we enjoy. Decorating it has been a fun experience for me...or should I say us. I thank God my hubby loves the things that I love.In the recent weeks since being at the house I have purchased a couple of decorations...haven't gone completely crazy but home goods and target can easily put me over the edge.
Here's a look into our home:

This is in our dining room. My husband got the idea of the shelves (from Ikea) and I decorated it. We are so proud of it and when people visit it seems to really catch their eye.

Close up: we already had all these things. The photos were taken by yours truly when we lived in the Bay Area.

I just bought this wire basket and flower. I bought them both at home goods. As much as I love plants and flowers, my husband and I do not have a green fake flowers it is :)

This is on our entertainment console. I just recently bought the blue/green frame at home goods (for a pop of color), the gold bell (at target on clearance) and the candle holder at marshalls for $6.99!

As you can see I have more of an eclectic style: farm, contemporary, beach, and some traditional. I love the balance of how it all looks and the contrast between the light pieces and dark.

Until next time...God bless!

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