Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up since my disability is ending on Monday.
She asked me how I felt and I said I was fine, she asked me if I needed any restrictions and I said no.
Maybe I should have responded a little different, maybe I should have been very honest with her and tell her that I'm not happy with going back to work because I really don't know how my body will respond.
I would very much like to stay on disability to shield myself from all the stress of work, but I have to come to a realization that I cannot live in a bubble.
I cannot hide from life, I have to embrace the good and the bad. I want an exciting life: I want to travel and see the beauty of our world and I can't do all that when I enclose myself in the walls of my home.
It's do or die.
Better yet "do" or "just dream".
I don't want to "just dream" I want to "do".

So on Tuesday it's time for me to go work. I pray that everything goes as smoothly as things in a hospital can go. :)

Few things I want to do:

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy



  1. Hi Lucy! I understand how hard it is to go back to work. It will be hard at first but hopefully you will feel better about it after a few days. Especially if you keep remembering your dreams.
    Good Luck!!!!

  2. I go back to work on August 1st. I've been off since May. I have to admit , I'm ready but I know the stress that my job entails and I'm not looking forward to it's effects. I was diagnosed with MS in Feb/March.
    - You are not alone.. in the words of M.J