Monday, May 11, 2009

More steroids?!

Went to go see the Nurse practitioner today because of the numbness to my feet, my left leg and to fill out more paperwork in order to stay on disability. She conducted some simple test and told me that she feels that I need more steroids because of how extensive numbness has become. She wondered why I waited to go see her and I simply told her that I thought that it would resolve like it has in the past (don't know if she liked that).

So for the next 3 days I will be drinking 1 gram of solumedrol in juice. For those that don't know, that is a HUGE dose! I'm supposed to put it in juice and drink up. It's so bitter, it's so horrible! I need a chaser of more juice just to stop my gagging reflex.

This is when I put the solumedrol in the juice:

After the solumedrol I'm gonna start taking prednisone and I will taper it day by day. Along with the steroids I'm gonna take pepcid to protect my stomach.
Oh yea and she also gave me a prescription for a sleep aid because steroids can get you jittery and sometimes give you insomnia. The last time I took it I didn't have any of those symptoms but I still got the prescription anyways just in case. :)
Here's arsenal against MS (for now):

Along with the medicines and supplements (4life products) I am armed with positive thinking, prayer and lots of laugher (thanks to my husband Gio). I was researching online and on a blog by Dr. B. Saks he says that our thoughts affect us so much because:

The reason is because internal thoughts create chemical changes in the body, each and every second. A person who lives in happiness and appreciation; with a positive, optimistic outlook on life, despite its challenges will enjoy a stronger and healthier body than someone who is negative, dark and pessimistic. Even the simplest of words that we use with ourselves and with one another mean so much as they can evoke a positive or negative chemical change instantly in our bodies. For example, a simple compliment given to a co-worker, “you look very nice today Sally” can positively change both your chemistry as well as that of the person getting the compliment for several hours. It feels good to give, and receive! Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: “I look fat in these pants” will negatively impact your body and will reinforce the negative aspect(s) you really want to change. Instead, think and act positively and if something is not the way you want it to be, then take the action necessary to improve or correct it.

To read more go to

On a last note I leave you with this wonderful poem...enjoy!


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