Monday, May 4, 2009

Patient heal thyself

So I started to read "Patient heal thyself" by Jordan Rubin and so far I have connected with a lot of what he wrote.Photobucket
In one page he wrote that he was feeling so horrible that "I wanted to get better. I wanted to end the pain. So I was willing to try anything and everything." I feel a lot like him so I'm gonna share with you my daily pill regimen:

Not shown is the rio vida I take twice a day and Re-zoom which a liquid which is supposed to help you with energy among other things.
Sometimes I feel like despite all that I am taking I still feel the same. I guess I just want instant gratification, I mean who knows what the medicines and vitamins are doing to my body on the inside.
Today is a better day for me, I feel much more positive like I can beat this. Another quote from "Patient heal thyself" in regards to how his health was renewed : "Much like the story of Job in the Bible, the Lord had restored what was taken away and multiplied it more than I could have ever imagined".
I can't wait until this happens to me!

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