Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend/My "gift" from fed ex

This weekend was awesome. Not only because it was easter weekend but because I got to spend it with my family (minus my brother, who I miss terribly). It was awesome to interact with my sister, mom and aunt. We had the best time and we didn't even do the regular sightseeing, we stayed home, cooked, laughed and played. Saturday night I had a mini melt down that only Gio got to witness. Somehow it came to my attention of something that my mom did and is doing to help me with my journey with MS. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but my mom introduced me to a product named 4life. It actually presented itself to her out of a prayer, my mom really believes that it is a God given product for us. I started taking it not on my understanding and faith for the product but because my mom truly believed in it and I believe in her. I have felt good, but due to the unstable nature of MS I don't know if its the product or just my body. (more about 4life products later).
My mom has been suppling me with the products for almost a month now, and I know that it has been hard for her to buy these products but I never grasped just how much she loves me. My mom has told me in the past that if she had to die in order to heal me she would, and now without a doubt in my mind in order I know she would do it. It's hard to grasp that idea. I have always known she loves us, her children, but I could have never thought or felt that it was this much. I know that people usually say that it's because I don't have children of my own, but I think I understand it now (at least a small part). I lost it as I was trying to explain it to Gio. The next day was Easter service at our church and our pastor held the service in a way that I had never experienced before. The feeling that I had the previous night resurfaced when our pastor told the story of how Jesus died for our sins so we could essentially be healed, happy, blessed and have eternal life. I lost it again. Jesus died for everyone good or bad. It was such a enlightening realization. I have known this for a while, but given what I had just experience with my mom the previous day I think that it just seemed to slap me in the face and made me realize once again how much Jesus loves us. It was a great easter.

Today I got a surprise delivery from the Fed Ex guy. It was actually the supplies for Rebif. It's so funny, it came with a "welcome" kit and the injector that I will use to give my self the shots. Welcome? Welcome to what?! Stabbing yourself 3 times a week and possibly getting horrible side effects?! Arrgghh!!! It just sucks! I'm not at all excited to start this medicine but I know that it will help me out right now. Gotta think positive...gotta think positive....

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