Thursday, April 9, 2009

I told you so!

I'm reading a book titled "The MS recovery diet take control of your health, change what you eat, and live symptom-free". I was reading lots of success stories last night and was intrigued by it but really didn't think of putting what I learned into action until now. In the book it hypothesize that the 5 major triggers that can set off MS are dairy, grains containing glutens, legumes, eggs, and yeast. My morning breakfast today included eggs (trigger ?), canadian bacon, and 1 piece of wheat toast (trigger ?) with coffee. Didn't think much of it, enjoyed my breakfast very much. Later while sitting on the couch watching TV i noticed that my legs were hurting and feeling so heavy. I just assumed that I woke up like that (which has happened before). Not until a few minutes ago I started thinking about what I read about last night and wondered if something triggered the symptoms I was currently feeling. This morning I did not wake up with my legs feeling like that. My back was still hurting but it's been hurting for a while now. So now I'm totally interested. I'm gonna start writing everything I eat and how I feel later, hopefully it gives me and insight to what triggers my symptoms. By the way, my mom has told me in the past about watching my gluten intake because she heard that it might be related to MS, did I listen? That is a big fat no. If she reads this I know what she will say: "i told you so!". I love my mommy!
I called my neurologist office because I still haven't gotten the results of my x-rays that I took last week. (FYI for those who haven't read my previous entries, I already know the answer because I have connections at that hospital, but I'm still waiting for what my doctor has to say.) They went back and forth and I received multiple calls: "we don't have the results yet","once we get them we will call you", "oh we have the results back but your doctor has to call you and let you know" and so on and so on. Still waiting...ah the joys of our medical industry.

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