Monday, April 6, 2009

Inside & out

Taken from journal
Date: March 27, 2009

So I went to see Dr. Wrubel on Thursday because of my right hip/trochanter pain and back pain. We also spoke about starting on MS medications because I now feel that I need to hit this disease from every angle possible: medication, diet, exercise, lifestyle and spiritual. He ordered some xrays which I got done immediately at DMC (thanks to my wonderful friends there).

I got my report back yesterday and it said that I have "mild dextroscoliosis". What?! Confused me a bit, but I googled it (anyone who knows me, know that I google everything) and found out that dextro means right and well scoliosis means curvature of spine. From what I found out from the internet this could also be because of MS along with congenital, trauma or other reasons. For treatments they suggest physical therapy, back brace, lose weight and strengthening of the back. It also said that when severe a person might need surgery! Wow! Something else to think about! Great!

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