Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Started Rebif

On Monday I received the rebif shipment and I started injecting myself that night. I didn't even wait for the NP to call me or for any other person to show me how to do it, I've been waiting for so long and I already knew how to do it anyways. The major side effects I could have because of the medicine is "flu like" symptoms. The next afternoon I started feeling feverish with body aches and sore throat. I guess the symptoms were minor though, or maybe it was because my mind is on other better things. My friend Patti had a baby and all the focus has been on him, which is very good for me. That little guy is helping me out in ways that he might never understand, just being around him I forget all about how crappy I'm feeling. It's awesome!

My current symptoms are mainly the numbness to my left leg and back, I tend to get tired easily but I don't know if it's because of the MS or because of the "flu like" symptoms.

Although I was feeling tired today I did a workout video today that Patti let me borrow and now that I'm done with it I feel better because I'm doing something good for me!

Here are pics of Monday nights' injection, excuse my PJ's it was bed time! :)
(my schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Reading how to load the rebif into the injector

Injecting myself, it wasn't so bad after the initial poke, the medicine doesn't burn.

Everything went a-ok! The doggies came right to me when the injector made a noise when the medicine went in. They are there to protect me! :)

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