Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday is I day!

I spoke to a rep from where my Rebif is coming from, a place called prescription solutions. Turns out that the rebif will finally be arriving at my house on Monday!
Monday it is.
Monday is officially "I day" or injection day.
I have mixed feelings about this whole ordeal. I'm excited because I need to start taking it asap especially because of my current symptoms, but I'm also dreading it. I can't be too excited about starting to inject myself or about the possible side effects. They say that the side effects are "flu like" symptoms. Great! :(
It just sucks.
Something else that sucks? Lakers lost today! I swear they give me palpitations when they play the way they did today!
So now I'm off to sleep, although it seems my left foot beat me to it.

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