Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not again

It started 2 days ago, I started to feel something different going on with my left leg. Couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, I knew the sensation was different for sure. Yesterday whenever anything would touch my leg it would hurt so much! Today my leg feels sorta numb. It's so hard to describe it because I can still feel, but the sensations I feel are different. Today my waist on the left side is also feeling "weird". The best I could describe that is like I'm sunburned there and whenever anything touches it it hurts! It's pretty weird because about 2 days ago I started to finish off some of my 4life supplements and actually today I didn't drink anything except my riovida (a liquid drink with transfer factors). There seems to be a strong correlation in the lack of medicine to my symptoms. I'm not positive but there seems to be something there.

Today Gio and I went to a baseball game. It was the Giants vs. the Padres. I woke up not feeling too well, in fact I still had the same headache from the day before. I knew that Gio really wanted to go (it was free!) so I tried to put on my happy face and went. He said that we could come home if it got worse. I don't want my pain or any symptoms to interfere with my life, in fact this past weekend our pastor was talking about what we would do if we only had 30 days to live. What would we do different each day. Well I for one don't want to let any opportunities pass me by, even if it is to go watch a baseball game with teams I don't even care for! I never had gone to AT&T park and now I can say that I have. Throughout the time at the game I was feeling better, then again I didn't want to focus on the pain. The scary part came when Gio and I had to go to the restrooms and we had to go down a flight of steep steps. I held on the rail like an old lady,not necessarily because I felt like I was going to fall, but you see, I have to think of these things ahead of time. Since my left leg isn't feeling "normal" I have to protect myself against any harm.

You are supposed to do something that you love everyday. I heard this from somewhere, can't really remember from where. Since I love photography I take photographs everyday, whether it be of a building, a flower, a tree, a lady bug or my favorite subjects: Gio, Pogo and Lola. I will share some with you.

my babies:

Driving in San Francisco:

AT&T Park:

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